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to talk about what this means for pakistan's tiny community and the issue of religious freedom. joining us by skype is international correspondent gary lane and paul marshal of the hudson institute's center for religious freedom and sharad from proximate cause pakistan, an attorney. great to have you all on the broadcast. first we begin with jennifer wishon who tell general ulysses s. grant more about shahbaz bhatti and his mission. >> reporter: shahbaz bhatti had just left his mother's home when radical islamists opened fire, riddling it with bullets. security team not with him. the 42 year old had been leading the abolishment of blasphemy laws. he received threats from al-qaeda and taliban but continued his work. >> i want to share i believe in jesus christ who has given his own life for us. i know what is the meaning of cross. and i am following of the cross. b and i am ready to die for a cause, living for my community and suffering people. i will die to defend their rights. so these people cannot change my opinion and principles. >> members of the pakistan taliban said they killed bhat
organizations on the frontline of relief efforts. >> tried to bring others against us. >>; a surprising source of christian persecution inside the holy land and the faith is buildingamong believers there >>: >>: earthquake, as a nominee, nuclear crisis, japanese people struggle to overcomemultiple disasters, i am george thomas welcome to this weeks edition of christian world news. more than 500,000 japanese are homeless and many are struggling to survive with no power and no heat in freezing winter weather and relief work is hampered by the nuclear crisis and people are hoarding food and gas and travel is becoming more hazardous as the risk of nuclear contamination increases in some age groups are at work in the region including cbn's operation blessing. >>: we have made it this far as this town, we are on the coast of the oadi prefecture and operation blessing has been able to deliver supplies for the second day in a row we are in a huge editorial where most of the residents have fled; there are about 1000 people in here the homes of been destroyed and those of the homes we see a liberated an
. charlene israel tells us more. >> the quake shook the nation of japan and it's people. the tsunami mornings and waves in the u.s. forcing evacuations in hawaii. >> it is time for a little aloha. keep it simple, sensible and moving. >> reports indicate the initial quake rocked japan for 4 minutes. japanese lawmakers in session at the time the quake hit. >> this news room also captured the power of the quake. initial tremor could be felt as far away as beijing, china. fires burned out of control. this one at an oil refinery in tokyo had 100-foot flames in the air. millions without power. >> i thought i was going to die. it was enormous. >> thousands of people evacuated near a nuclear power plant. a state of emergency was issued after the cooling system failed. it is a precaution measure and no radiation leaked. at least 20 after shocks. >> rick justice is a missionary in japan and the church hopes to help in this tragedy. >> it is a good chance for us as christians to reach out to them. many chances to take blankets and food and establish a caring presence in the midst of the tragedy. >> kim
. today the u.s. military sent two fire trucks to help battle fires at the fukushima plant. but they haven't been asked to use troops to help. meantime, japan's defense ministry decided against a proposed plan to dump water from helicopters over the badly damaged plants. radiation levels are just too high. you can see in this photo a big hole has opened in the containment vessel around the reactor, and large portions have collapsed. here is more on the plant workers who are putting their own workers putting their own lives in jeopardy to prevent a bigger catastrophe. >> reporter: they are the nameless, brave souls who volunteered or perhaps been asked to be the last line of defense. because they have specific skills and nerves of steel. five workers have already died and two are missing after the latest fire and two dozen are injured. nuclear experts say the skell ton crew are not managers, but probably technicians, men with the schematics of the plant in their head and can fix the clogged vents. they have crawled through the dark mazes, armed with flash lights and radiation detectors wear
davis lives on one that was spared but says it was chaotic. >> i saw boat come by us left and right. people it was dark. coast guard towing boat another guy on the averaging ran towing boat left and right. >>reporter: among those that washed ashore on strawberry point 4 motorboat. some had to be towed quickly because they posed an environmental threat. >> had all the you household goods. pretty much broken out of the boat and all over the rip rap. >>reporter: one pleasure craft began leaking fuel. >> when you came around the corner over there the eye started burning from the smell of it. it was extremely stron strong. >>reporter: harbor master says there was a minor spill which the coast guard cleaned up quickly. but they want the boat owners to take the vessel out as soon as possible before they cause any more damage to the environment. >> most of the vessels are about 30 to 40 feet pleasure craft vessels so we are probably looking at maybe 100 to 200 gallon potential on each one. >>reporter: now most if not all of these boats are what they call anchor out. or boats that
officials say there is no indication of radiation danger in the u.s. right now. still they are now taking action at the nation's airports. abc7's janelle wang joins us with what is happening. >> u.s. customs and border protection is now testing some passengers and cargo at some airports around the country. they won't say which airport specifically, but we are hearing reports of los angeles, seattle, dallas and new york. the department of homeland security says so far all tests for radiation are negative. >> in an exercise of caution and just to make sure that everyone remains safe, we are doing screening of passengers and/or cargo if there happens to be even a blip in terms of radiation. we have seen no radiation by the way, even on coming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> reporter: right now a forecast by the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization shows how the radiation plume from the failing nuclear reactor in japan is drifting across the pacific, over the islands today and then arriving in southern california tomorrow. but experts believe
the apartment using a master key. the police report says they knocked and asked permission to enter. the public defenders say that, too is a lie. in both cases drugs were found inside the units and the residents arrested but prosecutors and the judge tossed out the charges once the videos emerged. >> what is different about the situation is that we have a videotape. public defenders every day we have cases in which we question the way in which police officers gain entrance into homes and apartments. here we have proof. >> reporter: all this happened when now district attorney george gasgone was police chief. >> very concerning. we are taking this very seriously. we are going to make sure that we conduct a thorough independent investigation of this case but we also do not want to jump top conclusions until we get to the bottom of the investigation. >> the san francisco police chief says the officers are innocent until proven guilty but does concur that the video and police reports don't add up. the six officer letts b officen paid administrative leave. >>> the commander of the central contra cos
neighborhood for most of yesterday. this video was sent to us through you report powered by you tube. far up north fear lake is larger tonight. it has crested above flood stage for the first time in 13 years and expected to rise slightly over the next day or so as it collects storm run off. these are pictures that harold sent us of lake port a community around clear lake. you can see the street is under 6 inches of water now. there's that picture. fortunately no homes are tlaentd even though it looks precariously close to the homes. apparently not threatened by this up load the weather video and photo to you 7 or e-mail them to you report at kg o dash helps us tell the story in many different ways we appreciate those photos. >> now if you think the rain is over, think again. next rain is due in tonight. just what we don't need. spencer is here with the time line. spencer. >> okay. start with look at live doppler 7 hd. we have pockets of precipitation but those pockets are larger than they were a few hours ago. first up in north bay healdsburg and santa
tsunami. government nobody tells us the citizens what is really happening. >> the anger comes after japan prime minister told the nation the leaked radiation level is now rather high and there is high chance for further leak acknowledge of radiation from now on. over the past couple days one reactor exploded after another at the doomed nuclear plant then yesterday the first fire broke out and unprecedented third reactor exploded. both sending radiation in the air. officials worry this blast was the worst. cracking part of the critical contain they are surround the fiery hot nuclear core. >> radiation level are getting so high that the workers captain stay there. >> first time 750 workers at the plant were told to leave. seek safe shelter. only about 50 now remain. they are the last line of defense willing to stay and continue what so far has been a difficult mission. using fire pump to flood ocean water into the red hot core so they don't melt down completel completely. experts tell us the workers are likely wearing full body suit with air pack rotating in and out and resting in som
of radiation going to the u.s. you can see hillary clinton met with the foreign minister at a g-8 summit. >> japan is a generous donor to any disaster in the world. the world comes together to support japan in its hour of need. >> eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are on their way to japan, meantime, the navy says more of their crew members were exposed to exposed to very low levels of radiation and had to be decontaminated after delivering food, water and blankets. despite assurance that radiation from japan is highly unlikely to reach the west coast. they local pharmacies have run out of potassium iodide. >> to inject that, the thyroid gland will put you at great risk of thyroid cancer. if you take the tablet, instead of taking the radioactive iodine they will fill your thyroid gland with good iodine and the radioactive iodine respect through. >> the doctor says for us, more important preparation is to have a disaster kit that includes a kit complete with a 30 day supply of all medications you take and a communication plan for your family. >>> millions of people
. rising temperatures in the pool use to store spent nuclear fuel and damage to the structure, housing, reactor core. crisis all the way around. now the u.s. navy is racing to the rescuexd about to return and u.s. is flying in 5 giant pump from the navy base and deliver enormous amounts of water after helicopters sprayed water to no avail. martha tonight with the latest on this disaster. >> one expert told us it is like using a squirt begun to put out a forest fire. japanese fire truck using riot control water hoses to tackle red hot nuclear reactor. helicopters swooping overhead dropping bucket after bucket. every effort falling short. but here is the encouraging news. japanese plant operators have connected a new electric power line to the plant. this entire crisis began when the power was knocked out. if the japanese lift the switch for the critical water pump to cool the reactor don't work then it is american pump to the rescue. the pentagon has shipped high pressure pump but no u.s. personnel. once again the japanese will have workers willing to risk their lives operating
are using a water cannon meant for riots to shoot water directly into one of the reactors. it is a desperate last ditch effort to keep spent nuclear fuel rods from melting. in a potentially troubling sign white steam was again seen rising from three of the reactors. radiation levels at the plant dangerously high. japan's electric company is working desperately to reconnect power at the plant today. meantime, damning reports about the owner of the japanese power plant. accord to the australian, the owner falsified safety data and said in 1989 tokyo electric injected air into the containment vessel of a reactor number one to lower the leak rate and when caught apologized for "dishonest practices." now, abc's martha raddatz with the latest on the last ditch effort to saint planet. >>> 50 workers inside the plant working in the dark with nothing but flash lights wearing overalls and heavy hazardous suits, trying to put out toxic fires with a hose. we are told it is like a horror movie, fighting a monster you cannot see, you cannot touch but you know is coming to get you. tonight, new pictures of
to on the witness stand today. legal analyst dean johnson joins us now. you were in the courtroom and watched the jury and very interesting reaction from the e-mail from the jurors. >> normally the juror is impassive but when chris started cross-examining about the hundred thousand fee for playboy interview. i noticed two of female jurors and wouldn't even look at the witness. >> let me ask you this. she started out strong, kimberly bell and then came under fire. what do you think the jury is taking away from this? >> right now, it's about even. kimberly bell gave probably the most relevant testimony we've heard this far saying barry bonds toll her that an elbow injury was due to steroids because his muscles had grown too fast. that was first time that we heard anybody knew that that he was taking steroids. but whether they are going to give it any weight he is still under very intensive cross-examination. >> the afternoon coming up. morning session was riveting. heather ishimaru is inside right now and have more at 5:00 and 6:00. >> in other high profile try in oakland a die witness in chaun
or san francisco and you get to your job on time that's not peak, you want to use caltrain and not drive. >> i ride caltrain almost every day and so does my wife. and we love caltrain. so it's going to be a big deal if there are service cuts and i'm hoping there's a budget solution as soon as possible. the proposal that has received the most comment is the idea to close up to seven stations. belmont is one of the stations on the possible closure list. most riders here find the idea very upsetting. but aaron said he would be willing to drive to the next closest station. >> i don't think it would be a big deal honestly if they cut and save money for caltrain. >> caltrain officials say they hope these cuts would be temporary. they are looking for solutions. >> the only agency in the bay area that doesn't have its own form of revenue. like a tax. one of the long-term solutions we have to look at is can we go to the voters and have them provide money that makes caltrain future assured. >> there won't be a vote today. it should be official proposals and public hearing, all part of the process.
is lockdown because of power problems. eric thomas joins us from there. >> the civic center and the jail as you mentioned are without power but they are among the 250 customers of pg&e who are all without power right now because of what is going on down there. as you can see the tree that is laying down in the middle of the road, that brought down power lines. the jail is on the back-up power and it's working but the jail automatically goes to lockdown during a power failure. that is what has interrupted the service, the rain as you mentioned and raining right now and the wind continuing to bring down a tree at madison and washington in san rafael. so not only the power of the wind involved here but the saturated ground is involved. pg&e crews are on the scene but because of the tree and the winding of the power lines and everything is situated down there, they have no estimate on when the power is going to be restored. once again, people concerned about the jail, auxiliary power is on there. no problems but the jail is on lockdown and inmates are inside their cells. it's raining on and
rated. amy hollyfield joins us now with details. >> cheryl, the manager here tells me he has no idea this was happening. he didn't know about it until he got a phone call early this morning. right after that phone call somebody grabbed a piece of paper they wrapped food with and heardly and unexpectedly closed for the day and maybe even longer. >> i got scared and nervous and frozen, you know. they said come here. >> with a roomful of customers eating breakfast and placing cards, about 80 federal, state and local officers moved in on the oaks car club in emeryville. they told the customers not to run, that this is a search of the casino, not the patrons. >> to sit down. there's one maybe who had some papers and got afraid and they checked on her first. >> the f.b.i. confirmed that officers from seven different agencies executed a search and arrest warranty car club as part of an investigation into crime in the pay area. one is the bureau of gambling control. authorities refused to release anymore details. >> hopefully tomorrow we have information we can send off to the public. employ
are not expected to make it to the u.s. "good morning america." >> the earlier signs are intestinal tracks. those can look like a stomach flu and when you have all these people evacuated, they have to sort out the difference. >> there are three factors can put you at greater risk. first proximity. how close are you to the release. intention. how much was released and were there any barriers between you and that radiation. and duration. how long were you exposed. president obama says he continues to be heartbroken by the images of japan's devastation and this morning he made a promise. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. and we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> u.s. military aid is slowly arriving but there was a setback today. the u.s. navy had to move several ships away after low radiation. >> the army corps of years plans to use sonar to locate several boats that sank after the waves hit on friday. one of our photographers went on aride with fish and game officials and assess the damage do
not be an argument for never acting. on behalf of what is right. >> he added in libya the u.s. had international mandate for action, broad coalition, support of arab country and plea from the lybian people. >> as president i refuse to wait for the image of slairt an mass graves before taking action. >> the president said he will work politically to remove kadafi 40 power but the military mission does not include regime change and he added nato will take over the lead in the military action this wednesday. house minority leader pelosi stood by the president action. >> i think the president was courageous news doing that. i think it accomplished its goal. saved tens of thousands of lives. >> pelosi says members of congress are concerned that the mr. to act. >> to do nothing in the case when a man on path of show no mercy is not remain neutral. >> but congresswoman spear said the president should have told congress and what the end game will be before going in. >> this is has the pl fingerprint of afghanistan all over again. >> l she's not ready inform condemn the president action but she does h
>> today on "christian world news" war over libya. once again the u.s. takes military action in a muslim nation. what does it mean for the church in the middle east? >> plus -->> we got everything we need. we are so fortunate. what can we do to help? >> truckload of compassion, a ministry distributing to japan. >> from the uk, the christian counselor that could lose his job for telling a gay man homosexuals can change. >> revolutions and military strikes in the middle east raise concerns for the region's christian. hello everyone i am wendy griffith. >> and i am george clooney. george thomas. the united states put together the coalition enforcing a no-fly zone over the nation of libya. state goal, to protect libyan citizens by a massacre by moammar gadhafi's forces. the conflict is raising forces about western interventions in muslim nations. specifically, charges of a christian crusade against the islamic face. cliffton clark is an associate professor of global missions at regent university. recently i spoke with him about this very issue. >> do muslim nations see the u.s. t
the tsunami and earthquake stands at 9,000, another 13,000 shall still missing. >>> hundreds of u.s. military family members are due in the bay area after evacuating japan. chartered flight landed at travis earlier this morning. more than 3500 military family members made the decision to head home. the departure will help reduce the demand for food and water in japan. defense department says the voluntary evacuations will continue for the foreseeable future. >> opening statements are underway in the federal perjury trial of barry bonds. he wab indicted 2007 accused of lying to a grand jury for obstruction testifying that he never knowingly took drugs. >> reporter: the first witnesses will be called to the stand shortly. right now the defense is wrapping up opening statements. prosecution spoke earlier today for about 45 minutes. legal analyst dean johnson has been following the trials. >> think the opening statements have to go to the defense. the defense attorney al ruby did what he should have done. he set a theme, barry bonds testified before the grand jury, he employed useful information,
used and master keys that were used by police. look at cases where there was illegal entry. >> the dismissals followed a morning news briefing by the district attorney who said his offense has reviewed pending cases which involved the eight officers now under investigation for possible police misconduct. >> we do not have the evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt given the circumstances and what is going on with the officers at this point we are dismissing the case. >> the growing scandal began when the public defender said videos revealed illegal searches and arrests made in south of market hotels. 8 plain clothed officers involved in the cases were all from southern station. they have been reassigned to desk duty while the fbi and d.a. investigate. the interim police chief says refresher courses will be given to all undercover police units starting next week. >> we will make sure that everybody is restrained in search and seizure issues and retrain everybody in plain clothes operations. >> reporter: legal analyst dean johnson says these cases point out the ne
. jenelle wang joins us with more. >> that's right, cheryl. we're hearing reports over 400 dead and nearly 90,000 missing but those numbers are expected to rise rapidly because entire towns have been wiped out. we saw people running for their lives unable to escape the tsunami which can clock speeds of up to 500 mph. >> it was 2:46 friday afternoon local time when japan's largest earthquake ever recorded, a magnitude 8.9, hit off the country's northeastern coast. what soon followed looked like a hollywood movie, a massive tsunami wiping out small towns, roads, farming fields and hundreds of homes. a wall of muddy water filled with cars, trucks and boats. the hardest hit were the north even part of the country 240 miles north of tokyo. police reported at least 300 bodies. in okinawa city 300 homes washed away in an instant. after that destructive fires burning out of control, entire neighborhoods on fire. oil refineries shooting flames high into the air for hours. several nuclear power plants shut down because of system failures. the terror lasted for hours with dozens of aftershocks with m
is really not helping things. what it does mean is one more night without the use of much of nelson road. and so resident took matters into their own hands this afternoon. they used their chain saw and tractor to widen a fire trail and create their own road. goal is no to the use it as a thoroughfare but get car out of the neighborhood trapped by the wall of rock and park away from the slide giving the 20 or so homeowners access to the outside world. the rock slide happened yesterday of and today sheriff's deputy continue to patrol the area on the atv making sure residents are okay. >> it is a big deal because it's the main slide. when the road is under 30 pet of rock. but then of up above it looks like it is fairly loose up there as well. so if they remove roo rock down below more may slide from the top. >> patiences is something you learn when you live in the wilderness. >>reporter: geologist told resident it would be awhile for the slide is cleared and that's why the plan is to build an alternate road. one that would tie the currently closed nelson road to the one resident buil
. lillian kim is on the ground there tonight for us. lillian? >> negotiations were successful and protest is winding down. the protestors got the concession they were seeking and happy about that. 8 protestors had been on the ledge of the hall since the 1:00 o'clock hour. since actually bound together with pvc pipe duct tape and wear. protesting budget cut to hire education. after seven hours they have agreed to come down. they have been negotiating with university officials and they agree to let the students go without handcuffs. criminal charges will be dropped for the one protestor arrested today and 17 arrested yesterday and most important university officials have agreed to a meeting between protestors and chancellor bergeron. >> i think this is a small victory for the amount of effort that we put n.ultimately we got them to bend toward our needs and that's what we have been asking for. not ultimate victory. not done yet. but i would call this a success. all the people out here to come and check it out. all the people out here inspared to learn about what is going on. care
, one from the d.a.'s office, one from the attorney general, one from the u.s. attorney, and the san bruno police department to investigate any possible -- to investigate pg&e for any possible civil or criminal violations relating to the pipeline explosion. there is still a long road ahead for this neighborhood. damaged homes are still being repaired. some neighbors whose homes were destroyed or still months or more away from rebuilding and neighbors tell us at least four will not rebuild here. some victims are still recovering in the hospital. when neighbors gather here tonight to mark the time of the rupture, 6:11 p.m. they say they will be thinking of the human loss. legal consultant dean johnson says the d.a.'s investigation is sending a message. >> one of the problems with prosecution generally is big corporations get a pass on what might be criminal investigations. i think the new d.a. is sending a message that that's not going to be the case with his office; that if a big corporation could be suspect of criminal activity, they're going to look into it and they're going to make
than 200,000 iodine pills preventive measure for radiation sicknesses. the us forced to turn back. testing shows several sailors received a month worth of radiation within an hour. after passing through a radiated cloud. the constant anxiety over the ongoing nuclear crisis is hampering effort to rescue survivors who deliver supplies. increasingly the efforts are unsuccessful. >> our team l hasn't found anyone providing. >>reporter: since the third explosion there has been renewed push to take preventive measure for radiation exposure taking these radiation badges and start to darkened if the level of exposure rises. this is abc news, japan. >> she just mentioned iodine tablet. one pharmacy we spoke to in santa cruz says there they have been sold out of tablet because of concern about radiation. public health experts say there is very little risk of the radioactive material actually reaching california unless the disaster gets worse in japan. even then the public health threat probably we are told by experts would be very small. one expert at lawrence livermore lab told us
. >> terry mcsweeney joins us from antioch. >> reporter: president of the union that represents the public works department doesn't like the way the city council is negotiating with the different unions. it sees the police department getting a good deal and members of the police department not so much. center of the controversy, these are the public works union employees, people that take care of streets and parks. they are making concessions but police are not kicking in their fair share. police are only being asked to contribute 3% toward their pension and raises deferred until then. the public works union has accepted to 10% pay cut and reduced hours and agreed to much more. >> wave deferred a 3% pay raise, city is asking us to do more, to extend our contract with three years, with no pay raise until 2013 and pay an additional 7-8% toward retirement. at the same time they haven't got the same type of things from the police association. >> city manager sent us a an e-mail, after tuesday night, they, meaning local one, will be one of seven labor unions where we don't have an agreement unt
emphasized the united states is scaling back their involvement there. >> the u.s. will provide capabilities that others can't provide in kind or in scale. there will be no american boots on the ground in libya. >> this morning, a senior libyan official announced he is resigning his post. this is the second resignation in gadhafi's regime in the last few areas. >> the groundwater underneath the reactor has 10,000 times radiation levels. the company doesn't believe drinking water is affected. contaminated water has been cooling at the damaged nuclear plant. radioactive water has already leak into the ocean. >> the government wants people to stop participating in a water recreational activity. it's called water walking. there is a risk of suffocation or even drowning in knees inflatable balls. they are concerned about too little oxygen in them. there is no emergency exit. the only way it can be opened is by a person on the outside. they are popular at parks and malls. >> great day on for swimmers. >> let's take a look outside. 11:13 this morning, we're looking at san francisco and we're alread
use the energy from uranium to make electricity. uranium operates at 3400 degrees. to keep it from getting hotter, water cools the uranium core. the problem is the earthquake and tsunami combined as a one-two punch. they believe knocking out the primary and back-up water pumps. if there is no water, there is no cooling. pressure build which could trigger a release of steam in the environment. if the water level drops enough the uranium core is exposed and temperatures can rise up to 5,000 degrees causing a meltdown. >> they are not designed the worst case accident. they are only built the most likely. if you do that, eventually you're going to hit a worse case and that is what happened today. >> the only nuclear accident in u.s. history happened in 1979 at three-mile island. a one-two punch was to blame. a broken valve leaked out steam. the core melted down. most dangerous kind of nuclear accident. thankfully tragedy was avoided because the containment wall remained intact. >> no significant amount of radioactivity was released from the three-mile island plant. the impact on the lo
to abc's brian ross. >> but a spokesman sent us this statement from wesley saying the department of energy loans mentioned in the report were all awarded before i joined the secretary of energy's advisory board. each company went through an open and competitive application process. also mentioned in the report, the fremont company sulindra which received a half a billion dollars government loan from the department of energy. in spite of the cash they were forced to close a factory and lay off workers. >> because they had to lay people off does that necessarily make them a bad investment that the government put money in there? >> not at all. time will tell. >> wade runs an alternative energy in san francisco and he is a big supporter of the president's but says the government should have based the financial assistance on standards. any company able to meet the standards would get the help. >> doesn't matter whether you like waves renewable or. the public starts to wonder how that decision got made. >> last summer, government auditors found that the department of energy's loan guar
i. >> good evening. the wild weather is not done with us yet. right now there is hail in berkeley. richmond. el veto. chp running traffic break on 5 80 in the richmond albany area. within the last hour or so we spotted at least 6 lightning strike ins a 15 minute time span over san francisco. pretty spectacular pichblingts also lightning reported in pacifica. we don't see this too often around here. earlier in the day a water spout developed off san francisco ocean beach. while a rare tornado touched down in the north bay again something we do not see around here very of. strong winds topple a tree on to power lines in san rafael knocking out electricity to hundreds of people and county jail in san rafael. and 80 in the sierra shut down after one person was killed in a pile up involving more than 30 vehicle vehicles. terrible accident. happened at 1:30 this afternoon just west of yuba gap. also rate now there is snow in the livermore hills and highway 130 the road lead ing into mount hamilton east of san jose is closed. sandy is here with the very latest on what is happ
're using tricycles to take pictures. their priuses just can't go because of heightened trails or amusement parks. they came up with that idea visiting the cobblestone alleys of europe. they photograph when property owners opt into the program. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> really nice outside if you love sunshine and mild temperatures as we look from south beach back to the east. you can see the clouds are getting thicker. those are ahead of a storm system though. brings us some pretty wet and windy weather. even some downed trees. i'll tell you about it in a minute. >> thanks, mike. also, he's not done yet. charlie sheen opens up about his unconventional family life. the girlfriends, he says, are mother figures to his twin boys. >> the first class tickets these lucky puppies got in hope of finding a new home. [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t. [ spokesman ] we make it easy for you to compare at&t to cable. so what's the difference? at&t's just a better bundle. see for yourself. [ female announcer ] call to get u-verse tv and inter
of the slats it was impossible to get a clear shot using the tranquilizer gun fichlt we don't have an accurate shot mountain lion could many get out, angry, it was already hissing at the homeowner and people in the back. >>reporter: redwood city police did not want to risk the safety of the people in this community. >> we have got hospital that is just up the road from us here. small park that is located up there. we have alameda tm major thursday fair through redwood city. >>reporter: at 11:00 a.m. fish game decided there was no other option but to shoot the animal. him if it was then taken away by fish and game. >> weighed over 100 pounds he thought. picked it up and put it in the bag. it was a big cat. >>reporter: again the mountain lion taken by fish and game and will be examined. in redwood city, abc 7 news. >>> until san francisco the bomb squad detonated suspicious package left near the civic center today. p.m. p.m. just before 11 this morning a man stopped in front of a store at polk and golden gate avenue and told an employee he had a bomb in his backpack. he then placed it
150 people that did not have work now do. vicki checky was tearing up as she told us her journey from unemployed to employed. >> it took me 11 months to find this job. i saw the sign j.c. penney was coming soon and i hit the brakes and i took a breath and i went home and online. >> jobs, jobs, jobs has been the mantra of the new congress but also the month tra of state, county leaders also. >> the sales tax revenue which the city is going to generate in these lean economic times is extraordinarily helpful in terms of providing services that out residence desire. >> things are getting better but not as fast as we would like it. >> at the employment center there are smiles but not exactly jubilation. there are many people half been out of work a year or more and many going back to work are doing so at a reduced rate. >> occupations that were 15 to 20 dollars an hour five years ago are paying 11 or $10 an hour but at least there are more jobs out there today. i'm thankful for that. >> and vicki who just got that job after an 11-month search, she had been in the grocery business for 35 ye
of the storm. take a look at this scene sent to us by molly in pleasanton. that is her car under a fallen tree. in san carlos another viewer sent us this shot of a newly fallen tree resting in a pool. speaking of pools of water, another viewer sent this pool of water in santa cruz last night. if you have weather videos, upload them to ureport at or e-mail them to us. >> we have other news ahead. nato takes control of operations in libya as the country says they are ready to negotiate. >> in japan the situation as nuclear reactor gets worse >>> libyan prime minister says his country is ready to talk with opposition rebels and accept political reforms possibly including elections as nato gets ready to take control of the no-fly zone in libya. the u.s. general in charge of the operation will hand the job over to a canadian and today france declared libya's air space under control. >> japan's prime minister is calling the nuclear theft as biggest yet. experts suspect there has been damage to the nuclear reactor core. workers had to be returned to the hospital with radiation burn
that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family on vacation, but -- let me guess -- restrictions through the roof. that's right. not anymore. rapid rewards has your back. [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪ >>> as you have probably heard, we lost an iconi actress and activist today. elizabeth taylor. more now from abc 7 arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez. >> reporter: she was a child star who grew up before an adoring audience. she was called the most beautiful woman in the world. won two acting oscars. she costarred with richard burton. they met filming cleopatra and brangelina of their day. fred shot stills for the the old "san francisco examiner." >> the two were so charming i felt like if i said gee, can you have dinner with us tonight in my home in san francisco and they would have aid, yes. >> reporter: she married burton twice. one of seven husbands. marriages and glamour are one part of her life. it is her humanitarian that is a legacy. >> we will fight the odds and
us with more. >> republican congressman peter king is leading this hearing. he's also the chair of the house homeland security committee. in his opening statements he condemns the national care organization accusing it of aiding in the radicalzation of the muslim americans, a problem he says is at its highest level since 9/11. no one was around at care's offices in santa clara with you this morning its spokesperson out of new y york reaeacted too congressmaman's p peter king's insinuatioion that thee ororganinization supports terro finanancing in the u u.s. one reasoson? a carere pososter that was foun the bay area. >> named as ununindicted coconsnspiritor in the e case td the holy lanand ffoundatation. leadaders mumust reject discrcr groups s such as care. >> cacare, the c couplple on am islalamic r relatations gaave a for thee poster. . >>>> i don'tt think it says don talk t to the f f.b.i. if they call,, c call us toto h you u understand whahat yoour r arare when confrfronteted by la enforcement. >> says it's just another example of religion being demonized. today's hearing
his boss governor brown s.redevelopment funds used properly real boone to city such as san francisco. lieutenant governor was in the newsroom early today. >> some of the most proud moments as mayor was the redevelopment work we did in bay view hunter point. the work we are doing on the market to reviolates new market and twitter and others and capturing the increment in the mid market corridor. >>reporter: newsom says he understands governor brown has to cut billions from state budget and hopes to serve as intermediary for cities across the state trying to save their projects. >> teachers parents and students protested against staff lay off in one south bay school district this evening. >> no more layoffs. no more layoffs. >>reporter: san jose east side union high school district plans to eliminate the jobs of 72 employees including classroom teachers, student advisors and campus security monitors. the teacher union localize support investigators pack a school board meeting at independent high tonight. >> the cuts can't keep happening. we have so few resources to help for stude
steroid use. marvin bernard and randy lardi came to start. he said how he came to know greg anderson. he says he does not recall anderson saying something about the cream or the clear. >> kristen: scientists have found a tree in san francisco with oak disease. this the second time it's been found in the city. the trees near west pacific avenue is one of few native trees in san francisco. they believe it was infected by a plant in a garden of a nearby home. >> cheryl: president obama addresses rising gas prices. the president set an ambitious goal of reducing oil imports by a third while boosting domestic oil production. he also wants to increase the use of biofuels and make vehicles more energy efficient. he said america needs to change its energy culture to make this country more energy sufficient. >> here is the bottom line, there is no quick fixes. anybody that tells you otherwise isn't telling you the truth. we will keep being a victim to shift in the oil market until we get serious about a long term policy for a secure, affordable energy future. >> cheryl: president obama's speech c
's going to take us 30 hours to get it from the water all the way into place and bolted before we can bring the next one out. >> all the pieces the legals beam and cross braces are designed to move independently during an earthquake to avoid catastrophic dang to the larger bridge. >> we basically create a structure that not only won't fall down on very large earthquake but that is usable again to emergency services right after the earthquake and then with some work it can be put back into 100 percent public service. >>reporter: when stage 4 is completed later this week the new tower will reach 4 80 feet into the air. 91 feet taller than the current bridge structure. in april 45 foot top will be placed on the new tower bringing it to the final height of 5 25 feet. right now engineers hope to complete the newest span by september, 20 tlaechbility perhaps just in time for the america cup. >> here's what it looks like from sky 7 hd. 1 bar out of 4 is up. crews will work through the night to align and fasten that first bar. then the giant crane will go counsel for the next one. cal-trans
something to protect their homes. i'm glad she did use it. because otherwise she would have been a victim. >>reporter: we do have one final note. it was late and it was dark and because of that m mrs. harvey whatnot able to give a good description of her attacker. she did have one telling detail however. she told police that when he left the scene his pants were soile soiled. from richmond, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> well people are still lasting their homes in california. today a group of them held a rally on the courthouse steps. at the same time as investors trying to buy up foreclosed properties. laura has the story from oakland. >> this is trustee sale number ca 1000. >> about with whistle and chant they drown out the auctioneer protestors gather to decry all that leads up to the process. selling of foreclosed home on the courthouse steps. >> they guys are pwiping these houses. big them up and approximately destroying families and people's lives. >> no auction block for me. >>reporter: this is a group called w a.m. u home owns meaning washington mutual now owned by j p mo
spirit will always be with us and her love with be in our hearts. elizabeth taylor was 79 old. >> kristen: barbara walters called her an extraordinary friend. she interviewed taylor many times over the years and offer they discussed death, marriage and men. >> you have said that you loved be in love. >> i think i've had it. >> what about marriage? >> -- oh, god, no. >> you've said that before. >> but i now, i really mean. >> it have i ever thought what you wanted on your tombstone? >> she liked to live and, here lies busy let's, she hated being called liz. [ laughter ] >> but she lived. >> now, we have a slide show of elizabeth taylor on the front page of our website at >> cheryl: turning to other news. geologists say it's going to take weeks to clear a rock slide. residents have managed to create a temporary road to get their cars in and out and expert geologist will take a look at the slide to see how to clean it up. monday's massive slide could even get worse as rains continues. there will be a meeting at 4:00 on nelson road at the sheriff's communication center to update
but they worry shoring up the hillside will be too expensive to repair. >> see fit is worse worth us staying here. if the house is stable and hill is stable. >>reporter: the homeowner called the insurance company and were told that this falls into the flood cat goyvrment unfortunately the homeowners are not covered for floods. live in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> that's a tough break. okay. thank you very much. >> emergency situation this evening in san oh, say. man became stuck in the middle of the rain swollen guadalupe river near heading street and climbed autopsy treaty tree and wait to be rescued. that's what you are watching here. firefighters used a small boat to reach him and take him to safety. >>> well here are the storm pictures some of theme we got by way of you report powered by you tube today. mud slide on stevens canyon road in the cupertino hill blocking resident above it including this at&t truck as you can see there in the distance. antioch david says one gust of wind tossed his patio table and umbrella 10 feet into the air shattering the glass top. get to the 96th a moment
have good news on the job front. one of the world's largest providers of temporary workers says more u.s. employers plan to add jobs and fewer expect to lay off people. the labor department reports the national unemployment rate fell to almost a two-year low of 8.29%. there are jobs available right now though at the san francisco hire event. carolyn tyler is there. >> we're outside the hotel witcome at 8th and market streets. very busy out here and very busy inside the hotel as they get prepared by this job fair co-spored by abc 7. it kicks off at noon and one of the fliers say the jobs are here. cathy is joining us now. she's with the job journal. good morning to you -- come on in here so i can get a little closer to you. you are the job fair coordinator. >> yes. >> when you say the jobs are here, what kind of jobs are we talking about and. >> we have everything from a lot of information technology positions. we have over 100 of those. we have high-level administrative, customer service, government jobs, education jobs, public safety. a lot of engineering jobs, including civil engineers
performing a routine task he using a heat exchanger when the equipment failed. one worker hurt his arm but is expected okay. >> we had an expected release. for some reason it came out. right now we don't understand why that is. >> a worker inside the plant tells "abc 7 news" the flames were huge and the situation was scary. heat from the fire melted a tank containing acid that then spilled. two hazmat teams came in. >> that acid is contained and hazmat teams are in the process of cleaning it up. >> they the tested the water and determined no chemicals leaked out the plant. a crew spent the morning vacuuming the foam used to fight the fire. this is the second fire at this refinery in less than a year. last may it took firefighters about two hours to contain a fire that started at 12:45 in the morning. no one was hurt. this history of problems have residents on edge. >> it's like roaming around in the air. you know what i moon. there was crowd of 60 people earlier. everyone was really concerned about the issue. >> i'm scared. i don't know. >> my focus is today's incident on getting to th
talked to him on several occasions about using steroids. he made a secret recording in which he claims greg ander son can be heard talking about the steroids he was providing bonds. >> one million dollars a day, that is the fine pg&e could be facing for missing gas pipeline records. today the puc may decide whether to impose the fine which would be the biggest ever issued against the utility company. pg&e spent months digging records up to meet the march 15th deadline but state regulators say some documents are still missing. this was promised after last september's pipeline rupture. pg&e will have a chance to respond at a hearing on monday. today pg&e is at the cpuc for another reason, how customers can opt out of the smart meter program. opponents say opting out is not good enough and want a moratorium. thousands of consumers complain that smart meters cause inaccurate spikes in the utility bills and they also claim they are health risk. >> the latest conditions on two japanese workers that stepped in contaminated water. what the golden state warriors are doing this week to raise mon
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